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Meraki extra jungfru olivolja
Meraki extra jungfru olivolja

Organic olives i glass jar 240g

Meraki organic olives come from a farmers coopertation that is comitted to organic farming!

-Kalamon olives
-Black olives (Amfissa)
-Green olives (with or without stone)
-Green stuffed olives (with paprica, garlic, almond, lemon)



​Amazing Greek cheeses come soon! Organic PDO feta, feta in oil and herbs, manouri PDO, goat cheese etc 150g and 200g


MERAKI - Fine Greek products

meraki äkta fetaost
ekologisk marmelad
ekologiska kryddor
ekologiska örter

Sea salt


Sea salt with tomato, garlic, thyme and oregano

Ideal for sallads, meat, fish and tomato sauces 190g


Sea salt with organic turmeric, parsley, pepper and paprika

Ideal for sallads, meat and poultry 220g


Sea salt with organic basil, oregano and fennel

Ideal for sallads, meat, poultry and other greek dishes 220g


Sea salt with organic lemon and rosemary

Ideal for sallads, meat, poultry and other greek dishes 220g


Organic herbs


Organic tea mix 25g, Mountain tea 25g, Mint 20g, Sage 25g, Lavender 25g, Peppermint 20g, Marjoram 25g

Organic spices


Oregano 50g, Basil 25g, Rosemary 30g,

Thyme 50g, Greek herb mix 50g,

Bay leaves 20g



Organic quince marmelade

Marmelade from seasonal hand picked organic quince. It contains around 75-80% of fruit. A traditional Greek taste which can complement strong gourmet cheeses 250g


Oganic fig marmelade

Marmelade from seasonal hand picked organic figs. It contains around 75-80% of fruit. Figs are collected mature, so there is less added sugar 250g

ekologisk eterisk olja

Organic essential oils


Lavender, Mint, Cypress, Rosemary, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Eukalyptus, Sage, Marjoram, Basil


Packaged in 10ml glass

Extra virgin olive oil from Samos

Mild and fruity for everyday use. Max acidity 0,5% from Samos. Packaged in 250ml and 500ml (750ml upon request).

Gold medal in the "mild olive oil" category during “5th festival of Olive and Olive oil, Piraeus Greece April 2012”

Organic P.G.I. Lakonia extra virgin olive oil

Mild and fruity for everyday use. An organic "single estate" P.G.I. olive oil of high nutrition value, rich in antioxidants with a wonderful taste and an excellent after taste. Packaged in 250ml (500ml och 750ml upon request)

Unfiltered first press extra virgin olive oil

Intense fruityness with a prominent after taste. First press in late october, early november. Low acidity 0,2%-0,3% rich in antioxidants. A “single estate” gourmet olive oil that comes in 3000 numbered bottles. Packaged only in 250ml


Organic P.G.I. Lakonia extra virgin olive oil with THYME/ROSEMARY/OREGANO

Mild and fruity for everyday use. An organic "single estate" P.G.I. olive oil with a branch of organic thyme/rosemary/oregano with a wonderful taste and an excellent after taste. Packaged only in 250ml

Organic balsamic vinegar and organic balsamic creamFrån From Crete only with concetrated grape must, free from additives like caramel color or socker! Simply natural!

Packaged in 250 and 200ml


Organic olives 1250g

Organic olives that come from a single olive grove in central Greece!

Notice! Limited quantities!

-Kalamon olives
-Black olives (Amfissa)
-Green olives (Amfissa)


-Kalamon olives
-Green "Halkidiki" olives

Packaged in 1 and 2kg plastic container

Other types

-Kalamon olives (Whole, pitted, sliced)

-Green olives (Whole, pitted, sliced)

-Black olives (Type Amfissa)
-Green stuffed olives (with paprika, pimento, garlic, almond, jalapeno, piri piri, cucumber)

-Crushed olives

-Olives for heroes

Packaged in 10 and 13kg tin container. 6-7kg plastic container upon request

-Green stuffed olives in oil (with fetacheese, sundried tomatoes, lemon)
Packaged in 2kg plastic container

-Ovenbaked olives

-Sundried olives

Packaged in vacuum bag

"MERAKI Fine Greek products"® is our registered brand name. We travel around Greece in order to find and bring you "the best of Greece"! We personally know every supplier, we have seen its work and every product is traceable. All MERAKI ® - products are of high quality, healthy, with excellent taste and a modern packaging. 

Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar

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