MELIGYRIS - Cretan honey


PLUS 4630 is the exclusive importer of Meligyris Cretan honey.  MELIGYRIS is a family owned business that produces premium honey since the 1920's  


Some of the finest delikatessen shops in Europe (e.g. Fortnum & Mason in London and Kaefer in Germany) have chosen MELIGYRIS honey as one the best honeys in the world


Organic woodland honey with thyme and wild herbs 250g, 450g & 950g

A premium organic honey from Crete. From thyme, Sideritis syriaca, Ebenus cretica, papilionaceae and other forest flora


Thyme honey 250g, 450g & 950g

From wild thyme with a strong taste and a golden color. It is believed to be one of the best types of honey in the world.


Health honey 250g, 450g & 950g

From wild health and pine with an amber color and unique eftertaste.


Whild herbs and white thyme honey 250g, 450g & 950g

A unique premium honey that is collected on altitudes over 1500m where the low humidity gives a unique aroma. 


Pine and thyme honey 250g, 450g & 950g

From pine and thyme with a dark color and a thick consistency


Sage honey 250g, 450g & 950g

From sage and other forest flora. A full bodied, light colored honey for every day use.


Crete's 4 season – Gift packaging 4x120g eller 4x30g

4 glass jars with: Organic woodland honey with thyme, Pine and thyme, Heath, Wild herbs and white thyme honey

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