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Olives - Antipasti

Exceptional range of quality olives and antipasti from Greece, Italy and other mediterranean countries. Cultivated with the utmost care and attention to ensure superior taste and quality. Our selection includes a variety of flavours and types, each meticulously chosen to cater your client's needs.

  • Awarded products

  • Conventional or organic

  • Retail or foodservice packaging

  • Certified with HACCP, ISO22000, IFS, BRC, KOSHER & HALAL




  • Whole olives: Black Kalamon* , Green Halkidiki, Green amfissa* , Nocellara, Giaraffa, Blond plum olives, Ovenbaked plum olives, Green Azizi, Thassos PDO, Baby olives, Confit

  • Pitted olives: Black Kalamon, Green Halkidiki, Green amfissa*, Nocellara, Blond plum olives, Green Azizi, Confit

  • Stuffed green olives: Garlic* , Almond* , Pimento, Paprica* , Piri piri, Jalapeno, Cheese, Gherkin, Sundried tomato, lemon*, orange

  • Marinated: Greek pitted olive mix with garlic and lemon, Italian olive mix

  • Slices: Black kalamon, Green olives, Confit

  • * Avaliable also as organic



  • Antipasti: Stuffed peppers (bell, cherry, florinis, pepperoni) with cheese, semi dried tomatos, Stuffed mushrooms with cheese

  • Olive tapenades: Black olives*, Blond olives*

  • * Avaliable also as organic

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  • Glass jars: 314ml (170g), 370ml (200g), 580ml (340g), 720ml (420g), 1000ml (590g)

  • Plastic barrel: 1lt (600g), 1,5lt (1kg), 5lt (3kg)

  • Plastic bucket: 10,6lt (7kg)

  • Vacuum bags: 200g, 250g, 500g, 2,5kg

  • Tin containers: 425ml (200g), 850ml (450g), 5lt (2,5kg) 9lt (5kg), 21lt (13kg)

  • Plastic barrels: 220lt (150kg)

  • Plastic trays (only for antipasti): 250g (150g), 1,8kg (1,2kg)

  • Other jars and packaging upon request

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